Kik Messenger against WhatsApp – The benefits and drawbacks

This application message is not new, for it takes a very long time between us. He just recently jumped to the front web pages of the chronicle of occasions as it has actually disclosed its usage in cases of intimidation among teenagers as well as a situation of kidnapping and also murder that has actually had the KIK For windows as a tool to reach the target. Privacy is the main virtue of this tool, it is additionally an possibility for those that wish to interrupt others. Yet like everything, it relies on the use we construct from it.

Leaving aside these issues, you could not currently recognize or that you have not even attempted to give it a try. From here I present a short analysis that you valoréis whether it deserves their installment on your terminal.

Kik Messenger, the message application is available for Android, iOS as well as Windows, works in a similar way to various other method, allowing customers to send out chat messages instantly with a quick and also easy interface. Its primary advantage is that customers make use of a solitary individual name as recognition method as well as not a mobile number as when it comes to WhatsApp as well as Snapchat.

It also has a full service system that permits users to listen to music, watch video clips on YouTube, play video games, send out pictures as well as video clips, develop memes and also naturally, chat with good friends, all without needing to leave the app.

And all with severe rapidity and also simpleness, sending out messages to the minute as well as being its entirely dependable delivery. Additionally, Kik Messenger deliveries will note us as other letters has actually sent, have actually been obtained and these, also, have been opened and also can accurately know when somebody reads it or not.

Different layouts Kik Messenger differ systems, adjusting to the design of each. Thus, we can say that it is a joy action by Kik Messenger for iPhone or Android, being all symbols and buttons available with ease and also with attractive layouts, showing a rather cruder interface in Windows Phone that likewise does not have link with various other applications.

Similar to all instantaneous messaging applications, which ultimately end up deciding the use is the number of neighbors we have with Kik Messenger, remaining in these fairly low compared to other applications such as Whatsapp. Still, worth a try, since the system of sending and getting messages is truly quick, having the destination of having the ability to add customers with their nick or email, not depending therefore on the agenda contact SIM.

How to install Kik messenger and also what can you do?

Android tethering, how does it work?

Android tetheringTethering is a term that means to share the Internet connection of a device with another device that it is connected to any network. This practice is becoming more and more, especially with the almost permanent connectivity of 3G mobile phones. Holiday, for example, it is possible to use this connection on his laptop in the hotel room without paying access to Wi-Fi in the area.

Several solutions exist to use this handy feature and perfectly legal. OnSoftware offers you some, to share the 3G connection of an Android phone with a PC, iPod or other mobile.

The built-in Android tethering

If you have a phone as “Froyo” version of Android 2.2, the functionality is directly integrated into the phone.


First, you must connect the phone to the Internet and activate the 3G network , as you usually do in the phone settings on the ” No son and networks ”

Then you turn the mobile phone into a real Wi-Fi hotspot , which then connect to one or more other devices. For that, go to the phone settings, ” No son and networks ” and then ” Settings of Access Points Portable Wi-Fi .”

This is to give a name for the connection to be used by third-party devices and a password in order to connect.

Finally, do not forget to make it available for other devices that famous new Wi-Fi by activating ” Point portable Wi-Fi ” to turn the Android phone into the router .

Applications for easy tethering

The many free applications can share the Wi-Fi to its Android phone with other devices. These are available on the Android Market. OnSoftware has selected three interesting and not too difficult to set up, for the most novice users.

Wireless Tether for Root Users is a very popular application on the market, praised by users whose mobile is ROOTED . This is indeed the indispensable condition for it to work on your phone (Android OS 1.5 minimum). To start the tethering, just a tap in the middle of the screen and voila.

In its options, the application encrypts the connection with a password, use Bluetooth or indicate vibration when someone connects to the network.

EasyTether Lite is also one of the big success of the Android Market for connection sharing. Only drawback, install a receiver prior to the device that will receive the phone connection. The drivers are available on the blog editor , depending on your OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, Mac OS X (10.4 to 10.7) or Ubuntu 10.

The full version offers drivers to connect to more devices such as the Playstation, XBox 360 and Nintendo Wii. You can download the full EasyTether Pro APK from apk sites for free

PdaNet is a free application that is worth trying, if only for the simplicity with which it is taking place. It has only two buttons to select the connection type to share: Bluetooth or a USB cable connected to a PC or a Mac . Again you have to download a necessary driver on the machine that “pump” the connection.

There are many other applications on the Android Market to achieve its ends. Maybe you want to shed light on which one you use. Comments are there for you.

External Hard Drive Data Recovery

External Hard Drive Data Recovery – Do not leave damaged or corrupted hard to stop


Alteration of information from external hard drives is one of the most typical tasks that require us to invest in difficult times. Although external hard recovery disk file is a very annoying feature, it is no longer described as an impossible task. A cool disk is becoming an essential part of our lifestyle because it is used to store all our electronic information, such as audio, photos, movies and so it. The consequences of failure of these external hard drives can be destroyed.

Do it on your computer in less than 30 seconds! Therefore, external hard recovery file on the disc is really an obligation to save us into the disastrous consequences of the loss of critical information, such as monetary data, photographs, official documents, etc.. Some of the factors that lead to failure of hard drives are the following :–

  • Due to the negligence of the consumer, the hard drive may fall from their hands which leads to bodily harm was done on the hard drive
  • Hard drives would be too hot due to insufficient air flow techniques

The above reasons are some of the most common problems with the task of recovery external hard drive files again more essential. When a disk fails, we must not keep the gadget broken for later use, because it can lead to further degeneration of the system. The repair utility should not be performed on the data of refraction as it can turn into all the information to generate an irreversible type. Flash Storage vs SSD File Recovery can be easily implemented using any available tools such as file recovery Information Center, EASEUS File Recovery Wizard, and so on.

Loss of data due to computer virus attacks, damage to the hard disk are considered a priority important scenarios that require immediate attention. The various specialists to determine if the station is accessible by using laboratory tools. When the failed disk can be used is an image of all the information on this disk is replicated on another drive. When the failed disk can not be reached, the amount of damages is decided. The failure or broken parts can be changed by new elements to perform the recovery. The industry low level of information tend to be carefully analyzed by specialists from the recovery logical drive. Ultimately, the data files from the tape machines with multiple hard drives. The information available to repair the equipment can be used by individuals to repair their broken discs. Because these tools are numerous, the recovery of lost or corrupted data is not impossible.

GarageBand connects to Apple Music

1GarageBand is part of the applications which receive an update with the arrival of Apple Music. Both services are now interconnected.

The release of Apple Music on June 30 is accompanied by a series of updates in the Apple universe. Besides iOS and iTunes that provide streaming audio service , others like GarageBand also benefit from development.

The versions for OS X 10.1 and iOS 2.0.7 for GarageBand application recording and music creation Apple now lets you share items directly to Apple Music Connect, the “Social” tab of the new music online Apple .

This interconnection with Apple Music is not the only novelty of the update of GarageBand. The app is enriched with ten new drummers with different styles (house, trap, techno, dubstep …), registration of Smart Controls movements of the arrival of 1000 new loops, support the new touchpad Force touch …

The update is free via the App Store for those who already have GarageBand for pc and are otherwise in the latest version of the operating system OS X 10.9 (Yosemite) . The others will be charged 4.99 euros.

Do’s and Don’ts for Tinder

how does tinder workTinder Dating App needs no introduction because it has already 50 million users registered on it as per the recent records. This mobile app is smart enough to monitor your geographical location and then displays profiles of the registered users around you. While there are a few who are using this dating app with a sole purpose of finding a true mate, there are many who are just having a good time here, nothing else. One can’t be sure that among the registered users, who’s the most eligible and seriously looking for a dating partner who could turn out to be Mr. or Ms. Right for them.

To make sure, you have a successful beginning for dating on Tinder, you must read this.

Do’s and Don’ts for Dating App Tinder

Tinder Do’s

Stay away from your ex-lovers: Whatever happened is a passé’. If you have decided to move on, you must ignore their profiles else they will keep on disturbing you with past memories.Be open-minded: Exploit this dating app to delve with new people and mingle with them. You will not find a better platform than this after all it is taking into consideration your location.Have courage:You need to be quite strong here, because if you like somebody’s profile, you feel your wavelengths can match, go ahead and fix up a date. Don’t fear from rejections because this way you will never be able to give space to newer relationships in your life.

Tinder Don’ts

Stop Visualizing: Love at first sight happens with many but don’t fly too high in the sky that when you fall, you don’t find the Earth under you. Be calm and practical, for you are looking for dating option first not courting.

Don’t share personal details: This may not be safe for you especially if you are a female living alone because you don’t know the other person completely. Don’t put yourself at stake, security is very important.

Avoid ghost tinder: If in a confused state, it is not a good idea to seek the help of your friends whether this person will be suitable for you or not. Use your brains.
While these were some important aspects for consideration, there is some etiquette that one must adhere to. The rules of etiquettes are changing, but it’s time for some important tinder dating tips for those who are looking for spouses and for those who are offering their profiles for potential partners.

Tinder Dating EtiquetteTinder Dating Etiquette for All

If you are under 18, but posing as 18 or above, you may land up in a problem.

Be realistic. You just can’t upload any picture, it has to be yours and only yours and not even a group photo of you with others. The profiles searching for you may feel weird about the photo, if it was your ex- or is it your child or a best friend of yours, or anything. Don’t even upload obscene images of yours as it could spoil your profile, if you are really serious at it. Show the real you preferably in full.

Have a clear image of you uploaded, with no sunglasses, no fake expressions, no selfies during gym workouts or bathroom selfies… not a good idea at all.

Use pictures where you can portray your hobby like painting, playing a musical instrument, or doing some sports activities.

Put up real words to describe yourself so that your profile gets noticed and people would be seriously interested in checking your profile regularly.

There is the right time to tinder; tinder at midnight may make people swipe your profile LEFT, not RIGHT.

Connect with potential viewers. If you receive a message, don’t delay in responding.

Be yourself. Fake profiles may get initial RIGHT swipes, but are most likely to be ignored at a later stage.

Did you found someone suitable to date with? Please take a break from tinder because searching for profiles may lower the morale of someone with whom your wavelengths have started matching. Give them some space.

Updateyour profile. You must regularly update your profile to let people know more about you, your achievements, your likes and dislikes, and what do you think about dating (again I repeat… if you are really serious about it)
It must be clearly understood that these tinder dating tips and Tinder App are not a sure shot way of landing you up in decent relationships. It is just a way of meeting new people based on your location and each other’s preferences. But who knows, you might find your special one. Follow the above protocols for you never know, when you both can swipe RIGHT based on mutual understanding.Related Post 20 Tinder Dating Tips for Guys Dating via Tinder App is hot these days because of the many benefits it offers. The freedom that this App offers for finding and meeting new people on… Tinder Plus : What’s New with the Paid Vers… Tinder Dating App is taking over the regular apps meant for dating across the globe. The ability of the application to utilize the smartphone’s GPS … When and How to Ask a Girl for Her Phone Number on… Well! It’s very tricky to ask a girl’s phone number on Tinder. You just can’t ask it like this on Tinder. If you do that either the girl might s… When to start conversation with a Tinder match? A Tinder match happens when two users swipe right on each other’s profile, when there is a mutual interest from both sides.

By Ben Ross who wrote the article ‘How does tinder work?


iMessage for PC Download (Windows 7/8/XP)

iMessage is a very popular messenger with great features. It was earlier limited to Blackberry Smartphones only, but now it is available for various smartphones and PC for free. If you want to use iMessage on widescreen of your PC, then follow our comprehensive article below.

About iMessage

1iOS Messenger (iMessage) is well-known for its feature, user interface and security. It has over 500M users worldwide across different platforms. iMessage allows you to make free voice/video calls, texts, chats using a working internet connection. It also has many other unique features like group chatting, live locations sharing, emotions in chat for added fun and more.

Earlier it was not available for PC users, but thankfully our team has now found a way to use iMessage on your PC. But before learning How to Download iMessage for PC, let’s learn more about how it works.

iMessage for PC (How it works)

iMessage is not yet officially released for PC users, so you may be wondering how are we going to use it on our PC. It is very easy, there are many Android Emulator software available that allow you to download and install any Android apps on your PC. We’ll be using an Android Emulator called Bluestacks to download, install and use iMessage on PC.

If you want to know why we will be using Bluestacks as our Emulator and not any other, answer is pretty simple. Bluestacks is the most popular, free and easy to use android emulator in the market.

How to Download iMessage for PC

Follow the below steps in order to download and install Blackberry Messenger for PC. In case if this doesn’t work for you for some reason, then we have an alternative tutorial right below it too.

  • Download Bluestacks Android Emulator from here.
  • Install it on your PC using on-screen instructions.
  • Open Bluestacks.
  • Click on the search bar icon at right side-top.
  • Type “iMessage” in the search bar and click “Find”.
  • Wait for Bluestacks to display results.
  • Once it shows results, click on “Install” button next to the app named “iMessage”.
  • Now wait for Bluestacks Android Emulator to automatically download and install it on your PC.
  • After it is completed, go to My Apps in Bluestacks.
  • Click on iMessage app icon to start using it.

Alternative Way to Download iMessage for PC

If Bluestacks is not showing any results when you search for iMessage, or if the above steps don’t work for you for any reason, then here is an alternative guide.

  • Download Bluestacks from here and install it on your PC.
  • Download iMessage Apk file from reputable source online.
  • Right-click on the iMessage Apk file and choose Open with Bluestacks Apk Installer.
  • Wait for Bluestacks to automatically install iMessage on your PC.
  • Once it is done, go to My Apps in Bluestacks and click on iMessage icon to start using it.

Congratulations! Now you have successfully installed iMessage on your computer. You can start using it just by signing up and sharing your iMessage Pin with your friends. Also you will receive notifications from iMessage when a new text/chat arrives. So, enjoy iMessage on a wider screen and have more faster conversations.


That’s it, we hope our tutorial has helped you to download iMessage for PC. If you have got any questions/queries, then feel free to comment below or contact us. We will be delighted to help you out.

Kik for PC Download

Kik for PC

4In this social generation, the ratio of exchanging instant chat messages with each other has surpassed the limits of conventional conversation methods. Needless to say, all thanks to some great Social Media networks and Instant messaging services. We all are aware of the revolution that Facebook started, and then to fuel this social momentum, we’ve Kik now.

Kik Online definitely need no introduction. Being the most used cross-platform mobile messaging app, it has over 430 million+ active users from around the globe, with an increment of 1 million+ users per day. Well, this post is not about Kik Statistics, and in case you want, read the post on Kik Facts, but this is the ultimate guide on How you can Download Kik for PC.

Why Kik for PC?

You probably are enjoying Kik on your Smart Device, but let us ask you something. Is it convenient for you to type out very long messages on your Smartphones or even the regular short chat messages frequently?

Don’t you want to try your favorite instant messaging application on big screen?

Don’t you want to experience the difference of running applications meant for Smartphones or Tablets on your Windows PC?

Well, if all those questions fails to entice you to try Kik for PC, think of your boss or company’s rules nagging and preventing you to use your Smartphones during working hours. So, all you’re left with is your desk PC, which in turn, will definitely provide you the same experience of Kik, what you have experienced on your Android or Apple device.

Apart from that, if you are not that fortunate enough to owe any Android or Apple device or Smartphone, feel no despair. Cheer up, as we have got you the step by step guide on how you can savor the experience of  Kik on your very Windows PC by downloading Kik for PC.

 How to Download Kik for PC? – The Procedure

You don’t need to follow any complex procedure, nor you have to get your hands dirty by messing up with your registry settings. All you need to do is follow some quick and very simply steps listed below to get Kik for PC up and running.

For running Kik on your Windows or Mac, you’ll have to use Android Emulator. The best Android Emulator we recommend is BlueStacks.

So, first thing first ….
Download BlueStacks App Player. For Windows | For Mac
After downloading, Install the Android Emulator, i.e. BlueStacks on your PC.
Once installed, Launch BlueStacks and navigate to Apps section.
Search for “Kik” in the search bar.
Hit the Install button and let the BlueStacks download and install the Kik application.
Once done, launch Kik from My App center.

Voila! That’s it.

Now all you need to do is to verify your cell number, which you’ll have to input when you fire up the Kik for PC for the very first time.

Easy-peasy, isn’t it?

Now, as you have downloaded your favorite instant messaging app Kik for PC, shoot some messages to your friends, family member or even to your colleague sitting at other desk, and let them figure out how you are running Kik without using your Smart device.Perks Of Using Kik for PC

Using Kik for PC has its own advantage. The typing can be done much faster as compared to mobile phones. Also, the big screen will definitely up the overall experience and more importantly, backups can be saved on local machine.The DownSide

There are no special down side of using Kik for PC, except some minor lags or sluggishness in between. However, that problem is not concerned with Kik application, rather it is due to Android Emulators used in PC.

Although, the lags can be neglected, towards the experience it offers to run any Android Apps on PC.

So, stop doing the things in conventional way and try something different. Try Kik for PC and if you experience any problems in following the above steps, do let us know in the comment section below.

5 Free Phone Calls Apps for Android

Calling through your mobile phone is becoming one of the most common ways to reach out to your loved ones, colleagues and friends. For some people, however, the charges for calling may be a little expensive. Fortunately, saving money on calls is possible with your Android device. If you have a decent internet connection, you can make free calls anywhere around the world with some of the great Android free phone call apps.
There are many applications that can allow you to make free phone calls. Here is a list of Android apps that you can download on your device:

1. Viber

ViberFree calls with Viber are easy to make. It offers high-quality calls over 3G and Wi-Fi connections, and features a full screen every time you receive Viber calls and text messages. In fact, the notifications allow you to respond even without opening Viber Tighter Integration. It also allows you to view your regular call logs and messages within Viber A default dialer setting, which lets you use the Viber dialer not to all other phone calls as well. You can enjoy using Viber with free calls and text even with your friends who are iPhone users.

2. Fring

FringWith Fring, you can enjoy group video calls and VoIP conferences for free. There are as many as four people who can join a video conference all at the same time. Fring’s Dynamic Video Quality (DVQ) technology provides better video calls on 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi connection. This Android phone app is the first free group video calling app in the world which lets you call other Fring users in other countries simultaneously.  With Fring, you can enjoy the best audio and video quality with full satisfaction. Fring is a free app from the Android market.

3. Acrobits Softphone

Acrobits SoftphoneYou can enjoy free phone calls using your Android device if you have Wi-Fi or 3G connection with Acrobits app. It has no roaming and out-of-network charges, which means that you can save your credits. It is intuitive and easy to configure. Just have your SIP configured and you can make calls right away in just a few seconds. It features a smooth Google voice interface and has excellent sound quality.

4. Skype

SkypeSkype is one of the world’s most well-known VoIP providers. It is popular for its video chat services which lets you text, chat and make voice calls over a stable Wi-Fi connection. When you start, just create a Skype account, upload a profile photo and add more details if you like. You can connect with your friends instantly enjoy a nice video conference.  Unfortunately, you cannot send your photos or files with this Android app. Calls from Skype to Skype is free, though, so you can actually save a lot. If you want to make calls to any landline and mobile numbers, you can simply purchase additional Skype credits. You will be charged by the minute depending on the country.

5. Tango Voice and Video CallsTango Voice and Video Calls

Another great Android app that lets you make free voice and video calls is Tango Voice. You can make free calls over 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi connections to any Tango user in the world on. You can begin with a simple voice call, and then make a video call if you want to share something with your friends. Tango Voice is user-friendly, and is extremely fun to use. In fact, you can also reach Tango iPhone users from your Android-powered device.

Things the Wireless Carriers Can’t Get Away with on iPhones

iphone-6s-plus-home-screen-heroI own an HTC Aria, a smartphone that runs Google’s open-source Android operating system. It’s my first modern smartphone, and I’m very happy with it.

One of my family members owns an iPhone, though. And between playing with it and reading comparisons online, I can’t help but feel that Android users are getting the short end of the stick. Not in terms of features or apps; I really prefer Android to iOS. I mean in terms of things we let the wireless carriers get away with, that Apple would never let them do to their iPhones.Carrier branding

On the iPhone, the little bar at the top that shows your wireless signal strength says “AT&T” or “Verizon” next to it. android phones on both networks do that too, but they also have the carrier’s name on the unit itself, next to the name of the manufacturer.

Can you picture an AT&T logo on the back of the iPhone, beneath the Apple logo? No? Neither can I. And while the default signature that iPhones attach to e-mails is “Sent from my iPhone,” the default on my Aria’s e-mail app is “sent from my AT&T Smartphone by HTC.” It’s pretty clear who wears the pants in their relationship.Apps you can’t uninstall

The iPhone has a few apps that you can’t uninstall, like Mail, Safari and Notes. My Aria has over a dozen, including five AT&T-branded apps, and Facebook and Twitter apps. I don’t even use Facebook and phones on other carriers aren’t immune, either. Even the Verizon Droid X, its flagship Android phone, is loaded with “junkware.”. Comparing android phones to iPhones, in this regard, is almost like comparing PCs with Macs. But while Microsoft sells “signature” PCs, that don’t have any junk apps installed, even Google’s flagship Nexus phones have third-party junk apps that you can’t get rid of.Features you can’t use

I’m not talking about personal hot spot and tethering features. The carriers make you pay for those even if you’re using an iPhone. What I’m talking about are things your Android phone is supposed to be able to do, that don’t put extra strain on their network.

In AT&T’s case, it doesn’t let you install apps from outside the Android Market. This makes third-party app markets off-limits and means you can’t download betas or previews of apps before they hit the Market. android phones from other wireless carriers can do it just fine, but AT&T claims it’s for your own protection. And since it’s calling the shots, it’s its choice, not yours.They’re just getting started

How about keeping you from changing your default search engine? Verizon and Microsoft think you should use Bing and won’t let you switch to Google on some of their phones. Meanwhile, my Aria can only use Google for Web searches and won’t let me switch to anything else.

The wireless carriers can get away with this on android phones because unlike Apple, the other manufacturers need them. None of their phones has the same cachet; the only competing “brand” is the Droid line, and those are Verizon’s.

Maybe someday this will change, but for now, yours and my android phones aren’t quite what Google hoped they would be.